Big Brother 19: Week 3 Recap

Last week on Big Brother, it was a pretty mundane and predictable week with Paul as HOH targeting Cody as a backdoor option. There was no way out for Cody, whose game ended amidst a closer than expected vote. In addition, some key things occurred throughout the week that boiled over, leading to shifting alliances, new targets, a swap of power, and  what’s sure to be an unpredictable few weeks to come.

And so we resume, as the classic wall endurance competition has house guests hanging on a tilted platform while water and goo gets sprayed on them. Last one standing will be the new Head of Household.

Sunday: 7/16

Head of Household: Historically, this challenge favors the females, and this season is no different. Typically, the bigger male contestants struggle, unable to hold on to the platform as it tilts. Josh and Mark are the first two contestants to fall, followed by Raven and Ramses (who received 3 votes to be evicted last week).

Ramses’ three votes to evict came from Jessica, Kevin, and Christmas. These votes come to play a big role this week as a hunt for the rogue voters ensues. Before Cody was evicted, he told Paul that Mark and Dominique knew about his plan in week 1, which matches the story he told Christmas during the week. Despite being out of the house, Cody is still causing trouble. And Paul’s good at using this information, as he instructed Kevin to go rogue with the vote!

Back on the wall, Kevin and Matt fall next, followed by Jessica. Viewing Jessica as the only person she didn’t want to win, Dominique drops soon after, leaving Jason, Alex, and Elena the final three standing. Typically at this time, deals would be made to get others to drop. Jason is promised safety from the girls, so he drops out.

Elena asks if Alex would keep some of her people safe, to which Alex agrees. Elena drops off, and Alex is the new Head of Household!

Alex Ow
Alex Ow

Alliances: And this is where the week gets interesting. Love him or hate him, but Paul’s so good at getting in with others. Easily, he cozy’s up to Alex solidifying a spot as her secret ally. Meanwhile, Alex is tight with Jason also and the duo quickly realizes that someone from the “other side” of the house needs to go this week (the other side being the couples Matt/Raven, Mark/Elena, and Dominique). Which brings us to…

Nominations: So the deal Elena and Alex made during the HoH competition? Yea, completely unreasonable. Elena wants herself, Mark, Matt, Raven, Dominique, and Paul saved. To Alex, that’s too many people, but she’ll offer up nominating Jessica, who’s a lone wolf at this point (which is why Jason doesn’t want her to be nominated), and wants to put up Mark or Dominique due to believing them to be shady and possibly the rogue votes (Cody’s departing shot at them and Paul’s instructing Kevin to vote rogue is having a big effect this week). In the end, Alex chooses to nominate Jessica and Dominique.

Jessica GraffDominique Cooper

Wednesday: 7/19

Power of Veto: This week’s competition has house guests balancing across a rickety beam and hitting a button. They’ll then return to the other side of the beam, go around a post, and repeat. They must do this 50 times, but if they fall of the beam at any time and hit the floor, their button counter resets to zero. There’s also a temptation. If a house guest opts to collect a golden chalice, they will win a cash prize but cannot win the veto.

The veto players are Alex, Jessica, Dominique, Kevin, Jason, and Christmas. Due to her broken foot, Christmas is unable to compete and must sit out. IMO, this definitely alters the game a bit. If she has a broken foot, why allow her to be chosen to compete when she can’t? It’ll be interesting to see if anyone uses this to their advantage.

And so the challenge is set, with Dominique and Jessica really fighting to win this. Kevin’s abysmal, constantly falling off the beam. He decides to go for the chalice, and as a result ends up winning $27.

Though the two nominees try to battle their way through risky trips and falls off their beams, neither one of them is able to surpass Alex or Jason. In the end, by mere seconds, Jason wins the Power of Veto!

Jason Dent
Jason Dent

Dominique’s Implosion: This is where the Big Brother game causes tons of stress. You could be safe one week, feeling confident in your relationships with others, and the next you’re down and out and a lone wolf. The metamorphosis from one week to the next is pretty amazing, and this week Dominique suffers it.

Feeling betrayed, Dominique is sure someone in her alliance threw her name out to Alex, and through prayer, she believes it to have been Paul. She calls him a snake and tries to convince Alex and Jason that they’re being played by him. Neither Alex nor Jason feel comfortable with Dominique’s tactics, and contemplate using the veto on Jessica in order to put Dominique’s closest ally, Mark, next to her to avoid him campaigning for her to stay. And again, Paul shows his prowess in this game, having given Alex that idea in the first place.

Power of Veto Meeting: In the end, Mark vows to evict Dominique because he doesn’t want to be nominated, so Jason decides not to use the power of veto. Either Jessica or Dominique will be evicted from the Big Brother house.

Thursday: 7/20 

Den of Temptation: Previously, America was given the task to vote for a house guest to be offered this week’s temptation, the Halting Hex. The Halting Hex will grant the winner the power of being able to stop any one of the next four evictions on the night it would occur (which could be tonight). America voted for…Jessica!!!

Jessica Graff
Jessica Graff

Live Eviction: Though Jessica has the option to halt this eviction, she opts to take her chances and holds on to the temptation! Tonight’s eviction will resume.

And her read on the house was correct. By a vote of 10-0, Dominique is evicted from the Big Brother house (after giving a wonderful, classy speech).

Dominique Cooper2

But she might not be out of the house for good. The Battle Back Showdown is tomorrow, where one of the first four evicted house guests will have the opportunity to return to the game.

Cameron HeardJillian ParkerCody Nickson 2Dominique Cooper2


Big Brother continues in a special Friday episode, 7/21, where the Battle Back Showdown will take place. One of the previous evicted house guests, Cameron, Jillian, Cody, or Dominique will have the opportunity to return to the game.

on Sunday, 7/23, the house guests will compete for Head of Household and we’ll learn who the HoH nominates for eviction.

Wednesday, 7/26, we’ll find out if the Power of Veto saves one of the nominees.

And on Thursday, 7/27, the next Live Evicton takes place where another house guest will (possibly, unless the Halting Hex is activated) be sent packing, while we learn what consequence will be unleashed on the house due to Jessica taking the temptation.


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