So You Think You Can Dance 7/24 Recap


Last week was part one of The Academy, where hopefuls who passed the first round of auditions were sent to show their skills to the panel of mentors and All Stars. Each All Star began their quest of picking four contestants to join their team so they could mentor them through choreography until just one stands out enough to make it to the live shows as their partner. Tonight, The Academy continues as the contestants work through the contemporary and ballroom rounds, and the All Stars continue to fill up their teams.

We begin with Travis Wall’s contemporary routine. Travis has been a gem to this show, from way back when he placed second in season 2, all the way to choreographing in later seasons.

Among the first group to attempt his choreography are contemporary dancers Taylor Sieve who auditioned Los Angeles, and Arielle Disciascio who auditioned in New York. Unfortunately, Arielle ends up getting cut at this stage of the competition, while Taylor gets chosen to join Robert’s team!

Also joining Robert’s team are Jonathan Wade and Jennifer Florentino. 

Chaz Wolcott, the tapper from New York, is hoping his contemporary round goes well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t impress the All Stars enough and he’s sent packing.

Duo Havoc and Klassic, the hip-hop duo from New York is hoping they can stand out as individuals during the contemporary routine. Havoc didn’t impress the All Stars, but is asked to dance for his life to remain in the competition. Klassic, unfortunately, didn’t get the same opportunity and is cut.

Havoc’s solo gets all the All Stars cheering. And in the end, Cyrus chooses him to join his team. In addition, 9 other dancers join an All Stars team by the end of the contemporary round, leaving 18 remaining contestants vying for 10 remaining spots in the ballroom round.

Dmitry Chaplin, who also rose to fame via this very show, is the ballroom choreographer for this round.

Jensen Arnold finally gets to dance in her own style and is pretty amazing. She joined Robert’s team as his last member.

Vasily hopes to impress the All Stars in his own style as well. Sadly, he doesn’t do enough and is about to be cut, until Paul chooses him for his team! But some others can’t avoid the cuts, including early favorites Dustin Payne and Matthew Deloch.  

Alexis Gilbert really impresses the All Stars and is asked to join Jenna’s team. And so the final few spots are filled, and each All Stars has a full roster of four team members each.

And now begins the group round, where each team will work to choreograph a routine through the night for the All Stars, where one member from each team will be eliminated.

First up is Paul’s team which includes Vasily, Kristina, Cydney and Ramita. Couple Kristina and Vasily argue a bit through the night while planning their routine, and it shows the group is not cohesive. Their routine somewhat stinks. Paul ends up eliminating Vasily.

Next is Allison’s team, including Logan, Zachary, Abby, and Kevin. Logan shows his prowess as a choreographer, and Kevin who’s the odd guy out in style actually holds his own with the contemporary members of the group. In the end, Allison eliminates Kevin.

BUT, Jenna doesn’t want to see Kevin go, so asks him to join her team. Because of this, Jenna now has to get rid of two people from her team. And the cuts are not easy. On other teams, stand outs falter as Robert sends home Jensen and Gaby sends home Magda. 

And finally, Jenna’s team fights for their survival. The two she ends up sending home are Alexis Gilbert (!) and J.J. 

Next week, 7/31, the final day of The Academy has the final 30 dancing Jazz with Sonya Tayeh. And in the end, the All Stars whittle down their teams some more until just one remains to move on to the live shows with them!


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