Big Brother 19: Week 4 Recap

Last week on Big Brother, Alex’s HoH win gave Paul all the power as he weaseled his way into her good graces, proving his dominance. Dominique the Dominator imploded as she was nominated alongside the now Cody-less Jessica. With her alliance turning on her, Dominique’s game came to an end, but not without a tease from Julie: one of the first four evictees would have the opportunity to return to the game.

Friday: 7/21

Battle Back Showdown: The first four evictees, Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and Dominique, are given a chance to return to the game through a series of competitions. The first competition will have all four of them competing at once, where the first two finishers will advance to the next round. Then, those two will go head to head and the winner will then have to face and defeat a house guest still in the game in order to earn their right to return.

The first competition is a ball maze where each evictee will have to maneuver a metal ball through a maze via a pulley to lift and tilt the maze while avoiding the pitfalls throughout. It takes each evictee a little time to get the hang of the pulley, but in the end Cody finished first, followed by Cameron. That means Jillian and Dominique are saying goodbye to the game for good.

In the second round, Cody and Cameron must use a slingshot to shoot balls at a billboard to knock down 10 tiles. First one to knock them all down moves on. Cameron starts out by taking a commanding lead, until Cody finally gets the hang of the slingshot. He overtakes Cameron and moves wins.

In the house, each house guest must vote for someone to represent them and compete against the possible returning evictee. In a surprise to no one, everyone votes for Paul to compete.

Cody’s advantage is that he gets to choose which of the two competitions he just took part in that he wants to challenge Paul in. He chooses the ball maze. And he chooses correctly, as Paul is unable to get the hang of the pulley quickly enough. Cody easily wins and earns a spot back in the house!

Cody Nickson

Sunday: 7/23

Head of Household: In this competition, everyone will have to hold a thin stick against a disk pressed against a platform. If they loosen the pressure too much, the disc will fall and they are eliminated. Once eliminated, a house guest can choose to punish someone still remaining in the comp by having garbage dumped on them, spray paint, concrete mix, etc. The last house guest standing wins.

Naturally, the whole house is united against Cody and Jessica, so they are hoping to outlast them. Unfortunately, their plans don’t work out too well; quickly everyone begins to drop, and they single out Cody to be punished most of the time. By the time Cody’s disc falls, Ramses, Christmas, and Jessica remain.

Ramses falls next, leaving Christmas vs. Jessica. And in the end, Jessica outlasts everyone and is the new Head of Household!

Jessica Graff

Nominations: The obvious choice for Jessica is to target her nemesis, Josh. But the question remains who should go up next to him. And here comes Paul. In an odd turn of events, Cody and Paul call a truce, hoping to secretly team up. But secretly, they both still want the other out. Jessica is aware of how dangerous Paul is, but realizes that he has everyone in the house backing him up and wont vote him out. So, Jessica opts to nominate a pawn next to Josh. That pawn? Ramses. What?? Usually a pawn is someone that has ties to many people who is in no danger of being voted out. Ramses has ties to NOBODY. Those kind of pawns easily get evicted. But the stage is set, Ramses and Josh are this week’s nominees.

Ramses SotoJosh Martinez

Wednesday: 7/26

Power of Veto: In this week’s veto competition, the house guests will have to watch a sequence of ingredients flash across a screen. Then, when asked a question about what they just saw, they’ll have to pick out the right ingredient and pour it into a jug. If they picked the right one, they continue on. If not, the concoction they just mixed will explode.

This week’s veto players are Jessica, Ramses, Josh, Cody, Jason, and Christmas.

On the first question, Christmas proves she has a terrible memory and her mixture explodes!

On the next question, the pressure of being on the block wasn’t enough to help Ramses or Josh, as both of them are eliminated alongside Jason.

When it’s down to Cody and Jessica, Cody throws it to Jess and she wins the power of veto!

Power of Veto Meeting: Cody and Jessica are so confident in their plan to oust Josh, but Paul has a different idea. He rallies his minions and convinces Jason, Alex, Kevin, Matt, and Raven that Josh is better for their game if they keep him and Ramses is a bigger liability. They all quickly agree with whatever Paul says.

Ramses raises concerns to Jessica about the vote if she doesn’t use the veto. She asks Raven for some confirmation that Josh will be voted out, and Raven’s a bad actress. She plays dumb which instantly seeps into Jess’ paranoia.

And sadly, despite his great entertainment value, Cody talks Jessica’s (spot on) paranoia down, telling her it’s best to leave nominations as is. He really has no read on the house or the game.

In the end, Jessica decides NOT to use the power of veto, leaving Josh and Ramses up for eviction.

Thursday: 7/27

Live Eviction: So there’s a bit going on with this one. Firstly, Mark and Elena have gotten very chummy with Jess and Cody since the latter returned to the game. This adds an extra target on Mark’s back as he seems to divulge information against Matt and Raven to, of all people, Paul. (How does this guy have everyone in his pocket?!)

Paul’s attempts at switching the vote eventually leak. Jessica divulges her Halting Hex temptation to Kevin, and in return he slips to her that the vote is flipping and Ramses will be evicted. So she and Cody go around the house to try and secure votes. But will it be too little too late?

In the end, by a vote of 7-3, Ramses has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Ramses Soto2

Head of Household Competition: The previous night, the memory wall had pictures of the evictees with tattoos on them. The house guests had to memorize as much as possible for this week’s HoH competition. They will be asked a question based on what they saw. If they are right, they remain in the competition. If they are wrong, they are eliminated. Last one standing wins.

After the first question, Elena is eliminated.

Second question, Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, and Josh are out.

Third question, all remain.

Fourth question, all remain.

Fifth question, Christmas and Jason are out.

Sixth question, Matt and Raven are out.



The Curse: Due to taking the Halting Hex temptation last week, Jessica has unleashed a curse on the whole house. The result of this curse? The Temptation Competition. For the next three weeks, the house guests will be tempted to compete in a competition. The winner will be safe for the week, but participating will also have a consequence. The person who comes in last will automatically be nominated for eviction.

Big Brother continues on Sunday, 7/30, where the Head of Household will nominate two house guests for eviction.

On Wednesday, 8/2, we’ll find out of the Power of Veto will be used to save one of the nominees.

And on Thursday, 8/3, another house guest may be evicted.


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