So You Think You Can Dance 7/31 Recap



Last week during The Academy, the 10 All Stars whittled down the crop of contestants, choosing four each to be on their teams. Then, during the choreography and group rounds, the All Stars cut one member each, leaving just 30 dancers vying for a spot in the top 10. Tonight, they’ll face the choreography of Sonya Tayeh and some crucial cuts as each All Star must decide who to take with them into the live shows.

Sonya wastes no time ramping up the choreography. Dassy Lee seems to struggle a bit alongside Havoc. During rehearsal, Jennifer Florentino and Taylor Sieve accidentally hit into one another, causing the latter to cut her head.

With Jennifer getting medically checked up on, it is time for the remaining dancers to perform for their All Stars. Gaby’s team is up first, which includes Lex Ishimoto who is struggling to connect to the piece emotionally. But honestly, he’s probably the best of her group. In the end, Gaby decides to cut Natalie Delgato.

Paul’s team is up next. It includes Ramita, Sydney, and Kristina. Ramita’s the only non-ballroom dancer on Paul’s team, and unfortunately she is cut from the competition.

For Marko’s team, he’s left with Koine (contemporary) and Sofia (ballroom) as his top two.

Allison has Zachary and Logan as her top two, Fik-Shun is left with Dassy and Kyle on his team, while Jasmine is left with Robert and Howard. Cyrus is left with Kaylee, an early front-runner, and Havoc as his top two. And Comfort says an emotional goodbye to Frankie, leaving Deja and Mark as her top two.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Florentino is in need of stitches due to her injury, so must leave the competition. This makes Taylor and Jonathan Robert’s top two.

For Jenna’s team, she’s left with contemporary dancer Riley, ballroom dancer Kiki, and krumper Kevin (who’d first been eliminated from Allison’s team, only to be scooped up by Jenna). In the end, she sends home Riley.

And so as the top 20 is set, one more round of cuts will reveal the top ten. Each All Star with dance with their final two members and decide who will be making the live shows.

Marko’s duo is up first. Sofia surprises the remaining All Stars, while Koine impresses them just as much. Honestly, I liked Koine better, as her emotional connection to the dance, her partner, and the music seemed to resonate more.     

Gaby’s duo includes tapper Evan Debenedetto and Lex Ishimoto. Lex struggles with the tap choreography, but he seems to have so much more connection with Gaby than Evan.

Sydney and Kristina dance with Paul, and honestly they seem so alike so either one could move on.

For Robert, Jonathan and Taylor show what they can do, while Allison pushes Logan and Zachary  into proving who has what it takes (Logan’s better, IMO).

Cyrus is left with Kaylee and Havoc, both of which were early favorites. Both are pretty amazing, and this’ll probably be the toughest decision. Havoc actually seems better than Cyrus in parts, but Kaylee pops so much.

For Jenna’s team, she choreographs a paso doble for Kiki, while catering to Kevin‘s limitations by giving him a krump routine (no other All Star did that for their duos, which I find to be a bit unfair). The All Stars love him, though, so who knows what’ll happen.

Next week 8/7, the top 10 will be revealed as each All Star makes their final pick, and the duos dance live for America’s votes!


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