Big Brother 19: Week 5 Recap

Last week on Big Brother, Cody’s return to the game reinvigorated Jess’ game, and with her HoH win she felt confident she’d be able to get Josh evicted. But Paul had other plans, so he rallied most of the house to flip the vote, opting to evict Ramses instead. In the end, Jess’ pawn was sent packing, and Paul subsequently won Head of Household. One would think the week to come would be predictable, but with Jess’ Halting Hex still in play, it’s anything but…

Sunday: 7/30

So with Ramses’ eviction and Paul HoH, it’s no surprise that Cody and Jess feel betrayed. Jess’ Halting Hex comes into play this week, as she taunts Paul about this secret power she has. Due to this, Paul brainstorms some options for nominations. His alternate targets are Mark and Elena being as though their loyalty is with Jess and Cody.

But there’s still a new twist to take into consideration. Due to Jess taking the Halting Hex, a new competition called the “Temptation Competition” will be unleashed the next three weeks. If a house guest opts to compete and wins the competition, they’ll be safe from eviction. If they compete and come in last place, they are automatically nominated for eviction.

Temptation Competition: This week’s competition is a classic BB comp. House guests will have to spin around 15 times in order to drop a gate that is blocking four pins on a bowling alley. When the gate drops, they’ll have 15 seconds to roll a bowling ball down the lane to knock over the pins before the gate repositions itself. They’ll repeat this until all four pins are down. Whoever completes this the quickest will win safety, while whoever is slowest will be nominated.

Those opting to compete are Mark, Alex, Jason, and Matt.

Jason’s up first, and he struggles a lot. His final time is 3:37.

Alex goes next and shows how good of a competitor she is. Her time is 1:39.

Mark works on a different strategy and it ends up paying off. His time is 1:18.

And Matt is just average, finishing at 2:35.

Mark has won safety, while Jason is automatically nominated.

Nominations: With Mark unable to be nominated, Paul is left with few options. With Jess’ cryptic threats about her secret power, Paul feels it’s best to call her bluff, nominating her and Cody for eviction.

Jessica GraffCody Nickson

And this is where things just go off the rails this week…

Wednesday: 8/2

A good chunk of this episode is dedicated to the nomination aftermath. With Jessica and Cody up for eviction, both confront Paul who makes every excuse in the book. This leads to Cody getting aggressive, lots of profanities, and Paul kicking Cody out of his room.

Then in some strange turn of events, Josh begins to get involved which sparks some backlash from Mark. Then the two of them gett into a screaming match as Josh begins banging pots and pans together in Mark’s face. And things almost turn physical when Mark grabs the pans from Josh, but they’re broken up and separated.

Meanwhile, it’s Jessica and Cody’s turn to fight. Jess is clearly aware that Cody is not good for her game as he constantly starts fights with others. So they have it out, go to separate rooms, and sulk.

Jess reveals what the Halting Hex is to Paul, so he tries to convince her not to use it so they can vote out Cody. Jess contemplates this, realizing that her chances of making it further in the game increase if Cody is gone.

Power of Veto: Overnight, announcements were made about a storm watch revolving around the past evicted house guests. While being blasted with water and flying objects, the players have to read a teleprompter and fill in the blanks with the correct storm that’s being described. The player who fills in the most blanks correctly wins the power of veto.

The veto players are Paul, Jess, Cody, Jason, Kevin, and Raven.

Raven gets 16 correct.

Cody gets 15 correct.

Paul gets 22 correct.

Jason gets 15 correct.

Kevin gets 16 correct.

Jessica gets 12 correct.

Paul wins the Power of Veto!

And in a last ditch effort to save herself, Jess offers up Cody to Paul. If he can guarantee the house’ll vote him out and keep her safe for two weeks, she wont use the Hex to save Cody. But she also wants Alex evicted. Paul agrees that he’ll try to convince everyone of this.

And so we’re left with a cliff hanger, unsure if Jess will use her Halting Hex during the eviction, or if Paul will play her and evict her instead. It’s a rather unpredictable week despite the glaring predictability of it at the beginning of it.

Thursday: 8/3

So Paul’s been trying to convince Jess not to use the Hex, and has gone around the house to tell everyone of his plan. Like good little minions, everyone agrees with what he says, which further tempts Jess to go along with this deal.

At the veto meeting, Jess and Cody laugh through their “speeches” and Paul ultimately decides to use the veto on Jason.

And cue the explosions. After the veto meeting, Kevin, Jason, and Raven are chatting about Jessica and her Hex while she’s just outside the room they’re in. Jason realizes this so cues the others (very obviously) to change the subject.

Jess notices, so confronts Raven about it. Raven stumbles through a lie, then tells Paul what happened. So Paul confronts Jess and Cody, Jess lets Paul know she doesn’t trust anyone so she’s going to use the Hex.

Paul doesn’t react well to somebody not doing what he says, so he directs Josh to antagonize Cody and Jess with pots and pans. He takes the orders well. And now Alex jumps in because Jess wanted her out. And then an argument revolving around who hid Alex’s cat ears begins and Raven and Jess fight. And Paul directs everyone around some more and they continue to do what he says by attacking Jess and Cody.

It’s really a disgusting display of behavior by most of them. Impressed that Cody manages to keep quiet and not engage in the taunts.

Live Eviction: In no real surprise, Jess decides to use her Halting Hex, so nobody will be evicted this week! Now everyone, minus Paul, gets to compete in the HoH competition.

Head of Household Competition: The house guests have to putt a golf ball into slots, avoiding obstacles. The person who lands the ball in the highest numbered slot wins.

Matt putts a 6

Alex putts a 2

Mark putts a 15

Jason putts a 15

Cody putts a 21

Christmas putts a 21

Elena putts a 13

Jessica putts a 2

Josh putts a 23

Raven putts a 13

Kevin putts a 6.

Josh is the new Head of Household.

Josh Martinez

This next week probably wont be that interesting (Josh hates Jess and Cody and they’re clearly on the outs). But it’s nice to see some fight in others. Hopefully more will begin playing the game. Here’s hoping for another explosive week!

Big Brother continues on Sunday, 8/6, where the Head of Household will nominate two house guests for eviction and the Temptation Competition will see another house guest automatically nominated.

On Wednesday, 8/9, we’ll find out of the Power of Veto will be used to save one of the nominees.

And on Thursday, 8/10, another house guest will be evicted.


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