So You Think You Can Dance 8/7 Recap


Last week, the All Stars continued whittling down their teams as they inched closer to choosing their partner to perform tonight in the first live show of the season. We’ll learn who made the top 10 and each will perform with their All Star for America’s votes.

Unfortunately, we start off with some bad news. All Star Allison suffered an injury during rehearsals so will be unable to dance. Someone will be filling in for her.

And now to results. We begin with Fik-Shun’s final choice for partner. His team was down to Kyle and Dassy, and the person he’s chosen to take into the top 10 is…

Dassy! They start with performing a hip-hop routine with tons of popping and locking and grooviness. She is such a joy to watch and this piece brings so many smiles.

Mary Murphy: Loved it. Felt Fik-Shun and Dassy are a great duo. Loved their chemistry.

Nigel Lythgoe: Thinks Dassy improves the show. Predicts they’ll be a favorite couple in the competition.

Vanessa Hudgens: Loves Dassy, thinks she shines.

Next up is Allison’s choice. Her team was down to Zachary and Logan. In the end, the person she’s chosen to take into the top 10 is…

Logan! Due to Alison being unable to compete, Logan will dance with season 9’s Audrey for this piece. It’s a contemporary number and Logan shows how powerful he is. I think he’s a bit at a disadvantage being as though his partner this week is a bit of an unknown going into this.

Nigel Lythgoe: Felt Allison made a great choice with Logan. Thinks he’s a great dancer with great personality, wants him to show it.

Vanessa Hudgens: Beautiful piece. Liked he showed so much emotion and passion despite being only 18.

Mary Murphy: Danced with a lot of passion, thinks he deserves to be there.

We move on next to All Star Jenna. Her team was down to Kevin aka “Konkrete” (who she’s had to alter choreography for to help him shine) and Kiki. Moving on into the top 10 with her is…

Kiki! (Phew!) He’s dancing ballroom with Jenna and proves that she made the right choice. The routine is awesome and I could definitely see him joining Dancing With the Stars some day.

Mary Murphy: Having a hard time containing herself. She loved it, loved watching him dance. She screams wildly for Kiki.

Nigel Lythgoe: Found it difficult to take his eyes off Jenna. Worried the audience wont notice him much due to being overshadowed by Jenna.

Vanessa Hudgens: Felt Kiki shines, that he’s vibrant. Ladies love him, excited to see more.

Cyrus’ choice is up next. His team was down to Havoc and Kaylee (tough choice). The person he’s chosen to be in the top 10 is…

Kaylee! (The right choice.) She’s dancing contemporary with Cyrus, and it’s safe to say she’s probably the best dancer in the competition. She is so powerful and clearly overshadowing Cyrus (who’s probably the weakest All Star – seems as though he’s struggling to keep up with Kaylee).

Mary Murphy: Would have liked Cyrus to be better. Thought Kaylee was beautiful and powerful.

Nigel Lythgoe: Felt Kaylee needs to raise her game, needs more from her. (What?)

Vanessa Hudgens: Thinks Kaylee is a phenomenal dancer. Felt she danced too heavily, wanted to be more breathless and airy, but thinks she’s fantastic.

Gaby is up next. Her team is down to Lex and Evan. The person she’s chosen to take into the top 10 is…

Lex! They’ll be dancing tap tonight. It’s a very effervescent, feel-good number, and Lex showcases lots of versatility and athleticism. He’s definitely a contender to win this season.

Nigel Lythgoe: Not a good all around dancer, but a great all around dancer. Felt his personality came out a little, but could work on it more. One of the best dancers.

Vanessa Hudgens: Loved it. Saw personality, felt he was charming and endearing. His flip was amazing, he nailed it.

Mary Murphy: Very talented. He’s gonna go far. On the Hot Tamale Train.

Comfort is next, choosing between Mark and Deja. In the end, the person she takes to the top 10 is…

Mark! They’re dancing hip hop tonight. You can definitely tell that Mark has some great personality, but this routine doesn’t really inspire much. Still, he’s a great partner for Comfort.

Vanessa Hudgens: Felt they were fire together. The camera loves him. And he sure does love the camera.

Mary Murphy: Chemistry is out of this world. Magnetic. They lit it up.

Nigel Lythgoe: Thinks Mark’s personality will steal the show, hoping his dancing will do the same. Tonight it did.

Up next is Marko. His team was down to Sofia and Koine. The person he’s taking to the top 10 is…

Koine! She and Marko will be dancing contemporary. Very beautiful and ethereal routine, but I fear it’ll get forgotten.

Mary Murphy: Gave the routine life. Made it look effortless.

Nigel Lythgoe: Effortless, it flowed. Brilliant. Koine is beautiful, feels this pairing is perfect.

Vanessa Hudgens: Very beautiful and pure. Graceful, magical, feminine. Fantastic pairing, Koine is gorgeous dancer.

Paul’s choice is next. He’s down to either Kristina or Sydney. In the end, the person he chooses to take into the top 10 is…

Sydney! Tonight she’ll be dancing ballroom with Paul. There’s a lot of risky tricks in this routine and Sydney is really powerful.

Nigel Lythgoe: Felt Sydney was under the radar, but after tonight he’ll never forget her.

Vanessa Hudgens: Dynamic couple, exciting and fun. Wants to see more pizzazz and oomph from Sydney, though.

Mary Murphy: Fun, fast, and furious. Loved it.

Robert’s up next, with his final two team members Jonathan and Taylor. In the end, the person he takes into the top 10 is…

Taylor! They’ll be dancing contemporary and it’s a very athletic, twisty, acrobatic piece. Very strong and one of the best of the night. Taylor’s amazing. Judges give a standing ovation.

Vanessa Hudgens: Stupendous. Took her breath away. Lots of trust and strength between the two of them. So sharp and fluid.

Mary Murphy: This will be a number that will be remembered for a long time. Goes into her top 10 most memorable. Thinks Taylor is pretty amazing.

Nigel Lythgoe: Didn’t remember Taylor much, but thought she was incredible tonight. Great partnership.

Finally, we’re down to Jasmine’s final choice. Her team was down to Howard and Robert. In the end, the person she’s chosen to take into the top 10 is…

Robert! They’re dancing hip hop tonight. It’s quite a hilarious, personality driven routine. He’s a great partner to Jasmine. Very entertaining.

Mary Murphy: Thought it was amazing, thought Robert was the entertainer of the night.

Nigel Lythgoe: Loved Robert’s sass and swag. Loved his style and personality.

Vanessa Hudgens: Loved it.


Voting for this week is open here and next week we’ll learn the results while the contestants perform again for our votes!


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