Big Brother 19: Week 6 Recap

Last week in the Big Brother house, Paul’s HoH reign was shaping up to be useless, as Jess’ Halting Hex threatened to stop eviction. Paul didn’t care, as he continued targeting both she and Cody causing massive blow ups in the house. In a week that ended up being null and void due to the Halting Hex, bitterness and animosity led to one of the most eventful weeks of the season. During eviction night, both nominees were spared and a new Head of Household competition was held, where Josh ended up winning. While his plans may seem obvious, one must always expect the unexpected on Big Brother…

Sunday: 8/6

With the house mostly united against Jess and Cody, it appears its them two versus the world. They really only have each other to trust, and their plan this week involves the Temptation Competition.

Temptation Competition: House guests who choose to participate in this competition will have to traverse the pitch black Big Brother haunted house in search of clues that’ll spell out the name of an item hidden inside. Once they find the item, they must bring it back to the starting point to lock in their time. The fastest person wins safety for the week, while the slowest will automatically be nominated.

Jess and Cody’s plan involves him winning the competition, and Jess throwing it in order to ensure she gets to play for the veto. This is step one of their plan to make it through the week safe.

Those choosing to participate, by instructions from Paul, are everyone except for Christmas (due to her broken foot). Most are hoping to lessen Cody’s chances of winning by trying to compete against him.

In the end, the scary hazards in the haunted house aren’t enough to spook Cody, as he quickly makes his way through the house, finds the clues, and the item (a heart), and brings it back to the start. He clocks in at 3 minutes, which is the fastest time. Cody earns himself safety.

Meanwhile, Jess hardly even tries and, as part of their plan, comes in last. She will automatically be nominated for eviction.

Nominations: With Cody safe and Jess automatically nominated, that leaves Josh with an interesting decision. He’s still bitter about two weeks prior when Mark and Elena voted to evict him over Ramses. He confronts Elena about this and she confesses that everyone in the house lied to her about who they were evicting (this is the truth). Josh doesn’t trust her, and secretly wants her evicted this week.

But Paul will have none of this. He pushes his own agenda, making sure that Jess remains the clear target for the week. Christmas isn’t too keen on Paul’s dominance, pushing Josh to think for himself and make his own decision.

In the end, Josh finds plenty of justification to go after Elena, as he twists her words about who she thought would be better pawns to put up to ensure Jess doesn’t win the veto. Defeated and frustrated, Elena gets nominated alongside her showmance, Mark.

Elena DaviesMark JansenJessica Graff

Wednesday: 8/9

So several weeks ago, America tempted Christmas with the Ring of Replacement, giving her the power to replace someone who was chosen to compete in the veto so that she can compete instead. The only person in the house she told this to was Paul…

And Paul, like the puppet master he is, urges Christmas to use the Ring of Replacement during this veto selection should Cody get chosen to play in it. Christmas is skeptical, not really wanting to do what Paul says, but she clues Josh in on her power to see what he thinks.

Josh doesn’t want her to use it, but Paul uses the argument that if Cody competes and wins, he’ll save Jess and then the both of them will make it to the jury portion of the game, meaning should Josh make it to the final two, he’ll likely not get either of their votes since they hate him.

This ploy works. Paul is way too good at this game, and everyone else is way too oblivious.

Playing in the veto is Josh, Jessica, Elena, Mark, Alex (chosen by Mark) and Cody. But Christmas uses her Ring of Replacement, removing Cody from play and taking his spot.

Power of Veto: OTEV is a classic Big Brother competition, which basically works like musical chairs. A character called OTEV will ask the competing house guests a question and it is up to them to search the course for the correct answer hidden within. When they find it, they bring it back to OTEV. If they return last, they will be eliminated. The last one standing wins.

Christmas, unfortunately, cannot compete due to having a broken foot.

In the first round, Elena is eliminated.

In the second round, Jess narrowly misses her spot and it eliminated.

In the third round, Josh is last and is out.

And in the final round, Alex drops her answer, giving Mark the opening to win.

Mark wins the Power of Veto!

Mark Jansen

Power of Veto Meeting: In a surprise to no one, Mark uses the veto to save himself from eviction. In his place, Josh opts to nominate Raven as a pawn. Either Jessica, Elena, or Raven will be evicted this week.

Elena DaviesRaven WaltonJessica Graff

Thursday: 8/10

Live Eviction: With Josh wanting Elena out, he’s fighting an uphill battle to get it to happen. Paul (and the rest of the house) wants Jess out, and what Paul wants, Paul usually gets.

Jess also isn’t helping her cause, causing a fight between she and Josh that involves personal jabs, pots and pans, and Cody’s temper. It’s another ugly fight that was instigated, once again, by Paul. This just about seals Jess’ fate.

And by a vote of 7-1-0, Jessica has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Jessica Graff2

Head of Household Competition: In this week’s competition, house guests will watch magic performances and be asked questions about what they just witnessed. If they answer correct, they remain, if they’re wrong, they’re eliminated. Last one standing wins.

After the first question, they all get it correct.

Second question, Mark, Kevin, Jason, and Paul are eliminated.

Third question, all remain.

Fourth question, Christmas is eliminated.

Fifth question, Cody, Elena and Matt are out.

Sixth question, Raven is out.

Alex is the new Head of Household. Which should be another week of Paul controlling everyone.

Big Brother continues on Sunday, 8/13 where we’ll find out who wins safety during the Temptation Competition and who the head of household nominates for eviction.

Then on Wednesday 8/16, we’ll find out if the Power of Veto will be used to save any of the nominees.

And on Thursday, 8/17, it’s our first Double Eviction episode, where two people will be evicted.


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