Throwback Thursday – 8/3/17

On August 3rd, 2001, we got a glimpse into the life of a less than ordinary 16-year-old girl, and watched as her invisible life became front and center. She learned of her royal parentage and that she was anything but ordinary–she’s was a princess! Yep, Mia Thermopolis is the Princess of Genovia and we’re taking a look back at “The Princess Diaries” in this week’s…

Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday – 7/27/17

And so it’s July 27th. We’ll take this one waaaaaay back, 27 years to be exact, to the year 1990. In an age when unruly kids were all the rage in film, one stood out due to his ginger locks, fascination with bow ties, and inability to keep a home for the first seven years of his life. His name was Junior, and he was the quintessential “Problem Child,” and this week we’re looking at his journey in…

Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday – 7/13/17

The date is July 13th. The year? Let’s bring it back to 2001. A spry, young college girl with a personality of pure positivity has just about everything going for her: she’s popular, the president of her sorority, has a successful boyfriend, and a seemingly wonderful future ahead of her. That is, of course, until her boyfriend dumps her, deeming her not serious enough for his future aspirations. So, what does this girl do? She applies to Harvard in order to pursue him and prove him wrong. Her name is Elle Woods, Legally Blonde’s lovable, Chihuahua toting, pink obsessed hero, and we’re taking a look back at her journey in this week’s…

Throwback Thursday

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