Big Brother 19: Week 7 Recap

Last week, Josh held the power as Head of Household and attempted to make a move by straying from what Paul wanted and targeting Elena. But in the end, what Paul wants, Paul gets, and Jessica ended up being evicted. This week, we’re heading into our first double eviction of the season, where two house guests will be evicted on eviction night.

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Big Brother 19: Week 6 Recap

Last week in the Big Brother house, Paul’s HoH reign was shaping up to be useless, as Jess’ Halting Hex threatened to stop eviction. Paul didn’t care, as he continued targeting both she and Cody causing massive blow ups in the house. In a week that ended up being null and void due to the Halting Hex, bitterness and animosity led to one of the most eventful weeks of the season. During eviction night, both nominees were spared and a new Head of Household competition was held, where Josh ended up winning. While his plans may seem obvious, one must always expect the unexpected on Big Brother…

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Big Brother 19: Week 5 Recap

Last week on Big Brother, Cody’s return to the game reinvigorated Jess’ game, and with her HoH win she felt confident she’d be able to get Josh evicted. But Paul had other plans, so he rallied most of the house to flip the vote, opting to evict Ramses instead. In the end, Jess’ pawn was sent packing, and Paul subsequently won Head of Household. One would think the week to come would be predictable, but with Jess’ Halting Hex still in play, it’s anything but…

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Big Brother 19: Week 4 Recap

Last week on Big Brother, Alex’s HoH win gave Paul all the power as he weaseled his way into her good graces, proving his dominance. Dominique the Dominator imploded as she was nominated alongside the now Cody-less Jessica. With her alliance turning on her, Dominique’s game came to an end, but not without a tease from Julie: one of the first four evictees would have the opportunity to return to the game.

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Big Brother 19: Week 3 Recap

Last week on Big Brother, it was a pretty mundane and predictable week with Paul as HOH targeting Cody as a backdoor option. There was no way out for Cody, whose game ended amidst a closer than expected vote. In addition, some key things occurred throughout the week that boiled over, leading to shifting alliances, new targets, a swap of power, and  what’s sure to be an unpredictable few weeks to come.

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Big Brother 19: Week 2 Recap

Last week in the Big Brother house, we saw some crazy strategy, blindsides, wonky votes, fights, and lots of surprises. Cody was the HOH, nominating Megan and Jillian. Megan quit the game, forcing Cody to nominate Alex in her place. With the veto won, Alex saved herself, and Cody tried to nominate Paul in her place; however, Paul took the temptation offered to him by America, giving him 3 weeks of safety, and in the end, Jillian and Christmas faced eviction. It was a hectic week, and with the house divided, the vote was a shock to some as Jillian was sent packing and Cody’s HOH reign blew up in his face.

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Big Brother 19: Week 1 Recap

Previously on Big Brother, 16 house guests moved in for the summer in their quest to win $500,000. But not all of those spots were guaranteed. With this summer being dubbed the “summer of temptation,” a series of tempting offers for money and power led to the return of last season’s runner up, Paul, and saw the first night eviction of Cameron. As the battle for power heated up, Cody won the first Head of Household competition, and nominated Megan and Jillian for eviction.

And now, we resume with the first full week’s activities…

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Big Brother 19: Two Night Premiere Recap

Big Brother’s 19 season is well underway, and with a cast of 16 new house guests vying for the $500,000 prize at the end of the summer, things are sure to be pretty hectic right from the start. The show’s always promoted its famous tag line of “expect the unexpected,” with each season building up anticipation in what the unique twist could be. This season’s premiere did not disappoint on either of those fronts. We saw lots of chaos, an abundance of twists, and already one house guest was sent packing.

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Big Brother: Ranking the Past 18 Seasons

With the premiere of Big Brother 19 gearing up this evening, I thought I’d take a look back at the past 18 seasons and celebrate the highs and the lows, the twists and the shocks, and the fun along with the bad. Some seasons were grand, while others were very lackluster. I’m hoping BB19 stacks up well in comparison to other seasons, and this cast so far seems great, so we’ll see when all is said and done where this season would rank.

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