Throwback Thursday – 8/10/17

Today we’re taking it back to the year 1991 as we revisit the imaginative adventures of four toddlers in diapers. Their journeys took place on Nickelodeon during the network’s, in my opinion, most memorable years. And their show was perhaps–again, in my opinion–the most well known and successful. Yep, it’s time to take a long look back at the classic cartoon, Rugrats in this week’s…

Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday – 7/20/17

And so it’s July 20th. Rewind to the year 2002. A computer animated boy with a genius brain took his adventures to the small screen on Nickelodeon. As a follow up to his widely successful feature film a year prior, this boy’s friends, family, and inventive brain power got him into plenty of high jinks, only to need his exceptionally smart mind to get him out of them. His name was Jimmy Neutron, and we’re taking a look back at his show, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius in this week’s….

Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday – 7/6/17

So there’s a new post type I’ve been working on that’ll take a look back at something from the past–whether it be a film, television show, book, or game–that in some way made an impact or created some sort of everlasting memory for me. I’m going to try to keep it as accurate as possible by correlating the exact date from the past with the date of when I post. I’ll be trying to do something like this every Thursday, dubbing this post type…

Throwback Thursday

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